Hire Us

We are mobile and totally self-sufficient. Our café runs on a generator, and all we need is a space for an 8x14" café with the truck.

For a full list of our drinks, see the Menu page.


Pastries, smoothies and frappés not included in pricing. Contact us for extra cost.

Option 1

$350—50 drinks or less and up to 1 hour of service.

Option 2

$500—100 drinks or less and up to 1.5 hours of service.

Option 3

$650—150 drinks or less and up to 2 hours of service.

Option 4

$850—200 drinks or less and up to 2.5 hours of service.

Option 5

$1,000—250 drinks or less and up to 3 hours of service.

Option 6

$1,200—300 drinks or less and up to 3.5 hours of service.

Option 7

$1,500—350 drinks or less and up to 4 hours of service.


Available to order upon request and made locally by Vivian's Gourmet Bakery

MuffinsBlueberry, Lemon, Poppy Seed, Double Chocolate, Banana Nut

CroissantsChocolate, Almond, Ham & Swiss, Bacon & Green Chili, Spinach Pesto

BarsCarmelita (oat bar with chocolate and caramel), Lemon, Brownie

DanishCheese, Season Fruit & Cheese, Seasonal Streunish

SconesVanilla, Blueberry, Cinnamon

26290 Hwy. 74

Adobe Creek Center

Kittredge, Colorado 80457

Phone: 512-954-1407

Email: shannon@PetiteMaisonCafe.com


Tuesday–Friday: 7:30AM - 2PM

Saturday–Monday: CLOSED

Saturday hours may change with Spring/Summer months.